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Kyungil Water ENG Co., Ltd.

Our company is committed to providing
the top quality product and service that can satisfy customers’
needs and contributing to the self realization and local community.

Since its establishment in 1985, Kyung Il Water ENG has been involved in very close tech transfer and cooperative relationships with major companies in Korea and overseas in order to grow as a company specializing in water treatment through endless technological development and self innovations.

As a supplier of engineering, purchase, construction and post management services in the fields of water treatment optimized for power plants and industrial plans, Kyung Il Water ENG is responding to customers’ requests in all water treatment areas including sea water desalination facilities, pure water purification facilities, recycling facilities, industrial waste water treatments and so on.

Our company’s technical power and reliability has been well proven through successful execution of the multiple large sized plant construction with water treatment as well as the largest domestic sea water desalination plant construction projects, and we are proud to be recognized as an excellent company by various customers in Korea and overseas.

With our accumulated technical power and experiences, we will try to reward our customers with the optimal resolution for the worksite. Moreover, as a company specializing in water treatment that always values customers’ requests and feedbacks, we will always grow together with our partners.

– Employees of Kyung Il ENG Co. –